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Combo Therapy provides a fine tuning and valeting service of your mind, and body as ‘not all wounds can be seen’.

Combo Therapy has been developed as a result of 10 years of research into the psychological effects of trauma on behaviour, plus 34 years of dealing with people’s traumatic experiences. Combo Therapy has been designed using a combination of positive aspects from motivational enhancement therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, bereavement therapy, hypnotherapy, interviewing techniques, emotional freedom techniques, development of meaningful communication techniques, together with vast amount of research in to the psychological effects of trauma on behaviour.

How Combo Therapy came into existence

Combo Therapy came about as a result of John O’Reilly working in Bosnia with the United Nations on a pilot project rescuing young women who were sold into sexual slavery as a result of human trafficking. This pilot project had been set up at the request of the United Nations to combat human trafficking in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He worked as the United Nation’s police coordinator in the project. Together they investigated and closed a large number of premises involved in human trafficking. They freed 265 women from sexual slavery.

It was during this period that a phenomenon came to his notice where victims refused offers of assistance and requested to be returned to their abusive situation where they continued to prostitute themselves for the benefit of others.

Following his Bosnian experience John’s determination to help victims of human trafficking never ceased; He continued his studies and research in this area in an attempt to understand the phenomenon associated with human trafficking.

His research has resulted in the writing of abook “Sex Slavery the way back” from a victim’s interviewer’s point of view. His research involved a year’s fieldwork in interviewing victims of human trafficking and 10 years research into how the brain reacts to trauma, the psychological effects trauma has on behaviour and he developed an interview technique to combat the effects that such trauma has on behaviour which enabled victims to break down the barriers that kept them in silence and ask for help.

John’s continued to try and assist these victims and he searched for some thing like “Crisis Counselling”. Unfortunately there was none available. So he researched numerous therapies in his efforts to find something that could provide the victims with a quick and effective solution to deal with their traumatic experiences. It was during this search that John came upon Hypnotherapy and went and qualified in it. He then researched all different techniques used in hypnosis, psychology, psychiatry, etc., and it was during this search that he developed the techniques that are used to treat all of the conditions mentioned on this web site. It was his search to help those who could not help themselves that resulted in the breakthroughs in treating the conditions as shown in the service menu.

Combo Therapy is unique and highly successful in dealing with an array of issues. Combo Therapy doesn’t just treat one issue, it’s new approach identifies and rectifies the problematic issues affecting a person life during the therapy session. It restores the bodies balance, while giving back control and enriching it’s physical and mental well-being.

Combo Therapy induces an altered state of consciousness, where the client experiences a very relaxed and highly focused state at the same time.  This altered state of consciousness is similar to how one would feel when engrossed in watching a movie or reading a book and not hearing somebody talking to them. We enter altered states of consciousness on a daily basis, such as when we daydream; automatically engage in driving behaviour; perform regular work process or patterns; or carryout parenting behaviour etc., without having to think about what is required.

Combo Therapy provides a means of working with a person’ subconscious mind’ in order to release all unwanted negative emotions, feelings, cycles and baggage that has accumulated throughout their lives.

Combo Therapy has been designed to identify and removes all cycles of anxieties, panic attacks, social anxieties, chronic fatigue syndrome, lack of confidence, effects of bullying, lack of concentration, learning difficulties, dyslexia, anger outbursts, fears, phobias, etc.,  thus allowing the person to move on with their lives with increased physical and mental health well-being. It dissolves those unwanted attitudes, sensations, perceptions and cognition so as to form new desired habitual responses or behaviour.

Combo Therapy releases all traumatic emotions and feeling from memories of sexual abuse, physical abuse, other traumatic experiences, accidents, or incidents thus enabling the client to look back at those memories, as if they were looking back at history, i.e. without experiencing any emotional or feelings connection with the memories.  This powerful technique has the capabilities of removing all emotions and feelings from such traumatic events.

An added advantage in cases of abuse is that this technique does require the person to disclose any details of their traumatic experience. All that is required is that the client recalls the memory in the privacy of their own mind.

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What is Combo Therapy

Combo Therapy’s mission is to facilitate therapeutic healing through the elimination of stress, anxiety, and unwanted negative behaviours, by means of therapies developed as a result of detailed research in to the psychological effects of trauma on behavior.
  • To become a center of excellence in assisting people heal and rid themselves of unwanted stressors, habits, addictions, thought patterns and behaviours’ through a combination of therapies carefully designed to heal both body and mind.
  • To provide a holistic client centered healing center.
  • To develop a greater awareness of the benefits and long-lasting effects of Combo Therapy.
To assist you identify and dissolve all unwanted issues, emotions, feelings and behaviours
  • A friendly professional approach that relaxes clients and allow healing to commence from the initial stages of treatment.
  • Excellent  knowledge, ability, understanding, sensitivity, empathy, and compassion in exploring all issues with clients.
  • The ability to build rapport with clients in a manner that assists them to discuss and explore sensitive and complex issues.
  • 30 years’ experience in dealing with sexual, physical, mental and emotional abusive issues with empathy, sensitivity and amazing rapport.


These unique therapy advantages  provide customers with a very pleasant, relaxing, and reassuring  experience that enhances their healing experience.

Our Professional Services

Emotional Freedom Technique 98
Bereavement Therapy 98
Reiki Treatments 85

Our Therapist

John O'Reilly Therapist
John O'Reilly TherapistDeveloper
John P. O’ Reilly RC Hyp, Dip, Hyp, BA., Msc, Reiki Master, is the promoter of this therapy service .
John is a fully qualified Clinical & Therapeutic Hypnotherapist as well as beings a Registered Certified Hypnotherapist. RC .Hyp & Dip.Hyp.
John holds a B.A. Degree in Management and a Master in Child Protection and Welfare.
John has over 12 years’ experience in the Holistic Healing field, as both a practitioner and Master trainer in the REIKI Therapy; He is also qualified in the use of emotional freedom techniques (E.F.T.).
John provides a client focused approach that takes into account the client’s natural resources, behaviour, perceptions, attitudes, motivation along with their core values in providing the client’s desired therapeutic change in behaviour.
John tailors each session to the specific needs of the client by conducting a detailed case history and assessing the needs of the client by means of a consultative process.

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