Mental Tune-Up

Good Mental Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. Mental health problems can be characterised by the extent in which they disrupt an individual’s ability to function on a daily basis.

Life’s experiences bring us through various levels of traumatic experiences from our birth, family life, school years, teenage years, and all of life’s experiences that we go through. During this time we are affected by some degree of negative emotions and feelings which no matter how we may feel we have dealt with them over the years, still leave some residue of the negative emotions and feelings. These negative emotions and feelings continue to be a drain on our bodies energy levels and as a result need to be released.

Combo Therapy offers a complete mental and emotional overhaul or service to identify these negative emotions and feelings, release them from our mind and body as well as identifying any forms of anxiety that may have developed as a result of our life’s experiences. Combo Therapy techniques successfully identifies, releases and dissolves all negative emotions, feelings, anxiety etc., that we collected over our lifetimes and restores the bodies energy levels to their correct state.  We take time to service or cars, repair our homes, etc., but we continuously tend to neglect our mental well-being.

Good News – Combo Therapy techniques can identify, isolate and release all those locked in negative emotions and feelings that have resulted due to our lives traumatic experiences. This can be achieved in just one session.  Treat yourself or a loved one to a mental tune-up and reap the healthy mental and physical rewards.

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Confidentiality is guaranteed


Confidentiality if the foundation stone of our healing service


All of our interactions are empathic


Empathy is essential in developing meaningful communication


Sensitivity is central to our healing service


Empathy and Sensitivity assist in the development of Rapport


All of our communication is positive in content


Meaningful Communication assists in the identification of core issues

Combo Therapy

Combo Therapy provides an array of services to heal all of your issues, problems or concerns in a fast, effective and lasting way

Why Choose Combo Therapy

  • Combo Therapy is totally confidential
  • Combo Therapy’s approach is both emphatic and sensitive in relation to all issues
  • Combo Therapy is very powerful in identifying and dissolving all issues, problems, or emotions
  • Combo Therapy is fast and effective with most issues being resolved in just one session
  • Combo Therapy cares about you and takes pride in restoring peace of mind and well-being to all of their clients.

What Our Client’s Say

“That was excellent, just what I needed”.
T. Co. Tipperary
” That was really good, I felt a major release of negative feelings. I feel so much lighter now, really good”
B. Co. Limerick
“I so needed that, it was great to let go of the past. I am feeling so much better”
M. Limerick
“I feel so good. My Husband noticed my skin and hair looked so full of life”
O. Limerick