Lack of Confidence

Lack of confidence is a combination of fearful negative emotions in relation one’s perceived limitations or ability in situations or events and may result in feelings of being anxious, nervous or worried.

Lacking in confidence or self-esteem may leave you feeling out of your comfort zone, worried about meeting or speaking to people, or about the week ahead, relationships etc.

Good News

Restoring or instilling confidence is a very easy process with Combo Therapy. Techniques developed as a result of research into the psychological effects of trauma on behaviour has identified an easy and very successful method of instilling or restoring confidence in a client.

Case Study – male 22 year of age, suffered from anxiety from the age of 7 years old. He was successfully treated for his anxiety and then treated for lack of confidence. The success in his increased confidence left his friends bewildered. The male went from being a very shy young man to a very outgoing and chatty young man, who following treatment with Combo Therapy had no difficulties in approaching and chatting up persons he was attracted to. In fact, his confidence increased so much that he is now in long term relationship and has achieved advancement in his employment form where he wouldn’t go outside the door unless he was with very close friends to a situation now where he is very confident in his private, social and working life.

Nobody should be left suffering from a lack of confidence, when it is so easily fixed by using the techniques developed by Combo Therapy.


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Confidentiality if the foundation stone of our healing service


All of our interactions are empathic


Empathy is essential in developing meaningful communication


Sensitivity is central to our healing service


Empathy and Sensitivity assist in the development of Rapport


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Meaningful Communication assists in the identification of core issues

Combo Therapy

Combo Therapy provides an array of services to heal all of your issues, problems or concerns in a fast, effective and lasting way

Why Choose Combo Therapy

        • Combo Therapy is totally confidential
        • Combo Therapy’s approach is both emphatic and sensitive in relation to all issues
        • Combo Therapy is very powerful in identifying and dissolving all issues, problems, or emotions
        • Combo Therapy is fast and effective with most issues being resolved in just one session
        • Combo Therapy cares about you and takes pride in restoring peace of mind and well-being to all of their clients.

What Our Client’s Say

“I never had the confidence to talk with a girl that I didn’t know, now I would chat to anyone. My friends don’t know what happened to me as I have changed into being a very confident person”
S. Co.Limerick
“Since I was with you, I find that I can go into a room full of people I don’t know and talk away with them without any bother. I could never have done that before”
N. Co. Cork
“I used to panic when I had a sales meeting with a client, I just wanted to get out of there. Since I was with you I have the confidence to engage with the client and go for the sale”
F. Limerick