Fear of Flying

Fear of flying is also known as aerophobia or aviatophobia and it can cause far more problems than just not being able to take a holiday abroad. It can also prevent people from attending important events, taking up employment opportunities, travelling abroad etc.

Fear of flying can cause unexplained terrifying emotions, sensations or feelings, that really interferes with one’s life, cognitive ability and the ability to process emotions and feelings when in a state of such emotional fear. The emotions and feeling can be so overwhelming that they can cause you to avoid such situations completely.

A fear of flying is similar to an anxiety disorder in that the fear creates a survival response, that is so intense that it ensures the person stays far away from any flight. The fear of flying doesn’t just start when a person has to get on a plain, it commences at the very mention of planning a flight for a holiday, family, social  or business occasion.

Fears of flying occurs in a similar manner as anxiety (See Anxiety for information on how these sensations arise).

Fears of flying are instilled in the subconscious and usually occur when danger is anticipated whether real or perceived.  This fear differ from normal feelings of nervousness or anxiousness associated with situations such as job interviews, or exams, etc.,


1. Male in his twenties had a serious fear of flying and was going to England with his girlfriend. Following one session of Combo Therapy he went on the flight and felt no sensations or fears of flying. He reported having a wonderful break and couldn’t believe that his fears of flying were completely gone.

2. Female mid-twenties major panic / fear when flying – following one session of Combo Therapy, she could find no trace of her fear and was instead looking forward to her upcoming holiday.

3. Male in his fifties – major fear of flying and heights – following one session of Combo Therapy, he could neither find any trace of his fear of flying or heights.

 THE GOOD NEWS – with only one session of Combo Therapy, Fear of Flying, / Phobias,  can be completely dissolved.

Combo Therapy has been developed as a result of 34 years of dealing with people’s experiences of negative emotions and feelings as a result of life’s traumatic experiences; together with nearly 10 years of research into the psychological effects of trauma on behaviour.

Combo therapy has been designed to identify all cycles of fears of flying within the body and mind, through a new technique that dissolves the fearful response  within the memory of the Survival Unit’s database. Clients simply are unable to connect with any of their fears or negative feelings before the they leave the Combo Therapy session. This release allows client to move on with their lives, with increased positivity and  energy that also benefits their physical and mental state of health and well-being.

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Combo Therapy

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What Our Client’s Say

” I went on a flight to London following meeting with you. It didn’t bother me at all. I couldn’t believe it. My girlfriend couldn’t believe the difference in my on the plane”.
A. Co. Galway, Avada
” I suffer from major panic and fear when I flew recently. I can’t even connect with those feelings now after what you have done. They are gone. I am so looking forward to my holidays in two weeks”.
D. Limerick, Avada
” I am afraid of flying and heights for nearly all of my life. I can’t find any of those fears now. I am going on Holidays next Sunday and I can safely say now that I am looking forward to the flight. I cant believe it”.
A. Limkerick