Exam Fears

Do you or your love one suffer from anxiety or fear in relation to examinations?

It the answer is “Yes” then you need to read this information below. This anxiety can be dissolved leaving the student back in control of the cognitive functions and ability.

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Exam Fears or Exam Anxiety

Most people facing exams are nervous or afraid and in moderation this type of fear can be an advantage, as it may assist one to perform well.

However, when this fear or stress becomes extreme in so far at it makes one want to drop out of an exam, then it may requires some assistance.

Exam fear is a form of anxiety and when left unchecked it can interfere with our future.

When stress, fear or anxiety occurs when facing exams, it can effect the preparation for the exam, such as revisions, or when attempting to recall from memory during the exam.

Some students who suffer exam fears also suffer from performance or fear of failure anxiety ,which can arise from low self-confidence or self-esteem.

Whatever is the cause of your fears of exams is irrelevant, as this new therapy technique has the ability to dissolve the effects of damaging fears leading up to or causing exam fears or exam anxiety. It is time to free yourself of such fears or anxieties and allow yourself to achieve the results you has worked so hard for.

CASE STUDY A student who was afraid of exams as a result of her fear of failing had both of her issues dissolved away through this therapy technique, giving rise to increased motivation to study, and face her exams with determination and most importantly  full cognitive processing functions and ability.

GOOD NEWS – With this new therapy technique your fear of exams can quickly be dissolved so that you will be free from any feelings, thoughts, or fears previously associated with their exam anxiety.

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What Our Client’s Say

“I had a real fear of failing and so any exams made me want to quit. Since I was with you, I find it easier to study and remember. I can’t find any of those fearful feelings anymore when I think of exams”
L. Co. Tipperary
“My fear of exams are gone. I can think clearly now and I have no panic in the exam”
T. Limkerick
“That sensation I used to have in my hands when ever I was in an exam is gone. I don’t have that blockage any more when I look at the exam paper”
R. Limerick, Avada