Being bullied can have serious effects on a person’s mental health and can easily lead to feelings of sadness, loneliness, anxiety, depression, sleeping difficulties, eating disorders and loss of interest in activities that used to be enjoyed.

Benefit of treatment

Dissolves away the feelings that accompany bullying such as

  • Fear,
  • Anxiety,
  • Stress,
  • Suicidal thoughts,
  • loneliness,
  • social anxiety,
  • low-self-esteem,
  • lack of confidence,
  • sleeping disorder

In fact this treatment is so powerful that it totally dissolves the bully’s effect on the person being bullied. It dissolves the effects to such an extent that the bully’s antics or intimidation attempts will no longer negatively affect the person being bullied. The Person will be able to meet or interact with the bully without any of the effects bullying has on people.

For more information or an appointment please contact John O’Reilly on IRL (086) 3338886 or  combotherapy@gmail.com 


What is Bullying?

Bullying in the on-going abuse of a person through mental or physical means. The fear instilled as a result of bullying can cause a person to enter a state of survival where they will have a fight, flight or freeze response to the bully’s behaviour.

The power that a bully has over the person being bullied is governed by fear. Combo therapy not only eradicates this fear of the bully, but also leave the person that is being bullied in a happy state where the bully’s fear tactics no longer have any effect.

Case Study – Person being bullied by a work colleague was ready to leave a very promising career over the bulling she was receiving at work. Following her session of Combo Therapy, she no longer feared the bully, but in fact laughed at the bully’s best attempts to intimate her or to put her in fear. A year later the effect implanted as a result of combo therapy remained as strong as ever and even though the behaviour of the bully didn’t change, the fear of her bully had dissolved completely, leaving her in a happy go lucky state of mind, where the antics of her bully no longer had any effect on her. She was able to laugh at her bully’s behaviour.  This person stated that the bully has no power or effect over her since her session of Combo Therapy.

Bullying can have devastating effects on people lives, effects such as feelings of anxiety, fear, stress, depression, suicidal thoughts, loneliness, social anxiety, low-self-esteem, lack of confidence, sleeping disorder etc. With the development of Combo Therapy’s techniques for dealing with the issue of bullying, there is no need for anybody to suffer the effects of bullying from anybody who ever they may be.

GOOD NEWS –  With one session of Combo Therapy the effects of the bully’s intimidation, and the person’s fearful response will be dissolved away to such an extent that the bully’s best attempt to intimidate or put them in fear ,will no longer have the same effects or impact on the person being bullied. Thus ending the reign of the bully over the person being bullied.

Contact John O’Reilly on IRL (086) 3338886 or  combotherapy@gmail.com for more information or an appointment.

For more information or to make an appointment contact John on (086) 3338886 or contact him on e-mail at combotherapy@gmail.com


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Confidentiality if the foundation stone of our healing service


All of our interactions are empathic


Empathy is essential in developing meaningful communication


Sensitivity is central to our healing service


Empathy and Sensitivity assist in the development of Rapport


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Meaningful Communication assists in the identification of core issues

Combo Therapy’s Services

Combo Therapy provides an array of services to heal all of your issues, problems or concerns in a fast, effective and lasting way

Why Choose Combo Therapy

        • Combo Therapy is totally confidential
        • Combo Therapy’s approach is both emphatic and sensitive in relation to all issues
        • Combo Therapy is very powerful in identifying and dissolving all issues, problems, or emotions
        • Combo Therapy is fast and effective with most issues being resolved in just one session
        • Combo Therapy cares about you and takes pride in restoring peace of mind and well-being to all of their clients.

What Our Client’s Say

“When I think of her bullying now, it doesn’t bother me at all”.
L. Co. Tipperary
“Those people who used to bully me at work have no effect on me any more. I feel like laughing when I think of them”
M.C. Co. Limerick, Avada
“My boss’s bad behaviour doesn’t bother me any more. Since I was with you I feel like I am smiling inside when he acts up”
P. Co. Cork, Avada
“I was going to leave my career as I hated going to work because of that bully, but since I came to you, She has no effect on me, She still behaves in the same manner but it has absolutely no effect on me. I now enjoy work again”.
N. Limerick