Reiki Treatment

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction, relaxation and healing. It is a gentle tool of empowerment and peace . Reiki has existed as an oral tradition for over 2,500 year.

How Reiki works – When a Reiki practitioner is administering healing, the practitioner becomes a conductor of Universal Energy. The Universal Energy is drawn into the person receiving the Reiki treatment when they are low in energy. This energy has a healing effect and will automatically go to the area that requires healing  which may either of their  physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level.

How energy affects our body – Every thing is composed of energy,  the physical component of an atom is only about 1% – the other 99% is composed of energy. There is a rule in physics that says that energy must always be balanced. Our body is made up of energy, we absorb energy from the food we eat, we spend energy when we exert ourselves. Every thing we touch, taste, see, smell or hear is converted in to electrical impulses (energy) and is passed into our brain . When we are healthy our body’s levels of energy is high and the energy is flowing freely throughout our body. When we are stressed or bothered the flow of energy is interrupted or blocked and this can result in ‘Dis-Ease’ within our mind and body. If left untreated this ‘Dis-Ease’ can turn into ‘Disease’ and as a result we may suffer ill health.  Reiki has the power to release blocked energy within the body, thus assisting the energy flow within the body. Reiki is a healing tool for most conditions but it is not an instant cure.  The longer  a condition exists the longer it will take to heal. Reiki is usually administered over four to five sessions.

How is Reiki administered – A Reiki treatment takes approximately one hour. Reiki is administered by the laying on of hands around the head, shoulders, chest, stomach, hips, knees and feet while the client is fully dressed. It is based on the idea that life’s unseen energy is passed into the client’s body through the practitioner and works on the body physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states. It induces a feeling of relaxation, peace, security and well being. It is a simple natural and safe method of alternative healing that works in conjunction with all other medical and therapeutic techniques.


Confidentiality is guaranteed


Confidentiality if the foundation stone of our healing service


All of our interactions are empathic


Empathy is essential in developing meaningful communication


Sensitivity is central to our healing service


Empathy and Sensitivity assist in the development of Rapport


All of our communication is positive in content


Meaningful Communication assists in the identification of core issues

Combo Therapy

Combo Therapy provides an array of services to heal all of your issues, problems or concerns in a fast, effective and lasting way

Why Choose Combo Therapy

  • Combo Therapy is totally confidential
  • Combo Therapy’s approach is both emphatic and sensitive in relation to all issues
  • Combo Therapy is very powerful in identifying and dissolving all issues, problems, or emotions
  • Combo Therapy is fast and effective with most issues being resolved in just one session
  • Combo Therapy cares about you and takes pride in restoring peace of mind and well-being to all of their clients.

What Our Client’s Say

“Reiki is so relaxing and peaceful, I have never been so relaxed. I didn’t want the treatment to finish”
S. Co. Clare