Sexual, Physical or Other Abuse

New treatment to dissolve the psychological effects of Abuse.

Benefits of new treatment

  • It dissolves away the emotions, feelings and effects associated with the Abusive memories.
  • Recalling memories of abuse will be like looking aback at history without getting emotionally involved.
  • This treatment leaves the survivor free to move on with their lives.
  • Free from the unwanted emotions and feelings associated with the memories of their abuse.

This new therapy is different from other therapies in that the person does not have to disclose any details of their abusive experience during the therapy session.

For more information or an appointment please contact John O’Reilly  at or by phone 00353 86 333 8886 in total confidence.

Abuse can be committed in many ways; Sexually, Physically, Emotionally, Verbally, Maltreatment, Injury, Assault, Unjust Practices; Crimes, or Other Types of Aggression.

While the effects of abuse vary depending on the severity and nature of the abuse, there is no doubt but it leaves many unseen scars, long after any physical wounds are healed.

Some Effects of Abuse – Depression, intrusive thoughts, avoidance of memories of abuse, dissociation disorders, post-traumatic-stress, self-defeating thoughts, borderline personality disorders, psychiatric disorders, body-image disorder, eating disorders, self-doubts, anxiety, shame, guilt, aggression, being over passive or compliant, vulnerable, crying, avoidance of eye contact, powerlessness, no control, withdrawal, low self-esteem, sleep disturbance, physical pain without cause, suicidal thoughts, dependence on abuser, inability to trust, feeling trapped, alone, alcohol or substance abuse, sickness etc.

Being abuse does not necessarily cause any of these psychological or medical conditions to occur; however, it is how we look at these abusive events from a subconscious point of view that can cause such problems or issues to arise.

Ingenious Survivors; I refer to survivors of abuse as being ‘Ingenious Survivors’, because they have found a way to survive the effects of their abuse and continue on with their lives despite their horrible experiences. Ingenious Survivors unfortunately can develop emotional or psychological issues secondary to their abuse as mentioned above.

GOOD NEWS Combo Therapy offers the ‘ingenious survivor’ the opportunity to release all negative emotions and feelings associated with their abuse in one session, and the positive aspect of Combo Therapy’s session is that the ingenious survivor never has to reveal the details of their abuse during the therapy. All that is required it that they think about their memories in the privacy of their own mind.

In addition, Combo Therapy is capable or dissolving away any of the other side effects mentioned above that may have developed as a result of their abusive experience.

External Research – Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic, 61[3] 317-334) reported  a controlled study which used one of the techniques used in disconnecting unwanted emotional and feelings associated with traumatic memories, found that persons treated with this technique improved significantly in relation to their Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Depression; leading to the conclusion that this technique was effective in alleviating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.


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Confidentiality if the foundation stone of our healing service


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Empathy and Sensitivity assist in the development of Rapport


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Meaningful Communication assists in the identification of core issues

Combo Therapy

Combo Therapy provides an array of services to heal all of your issues, problems or concerns in a fast, effective and lasting way

Why Choose Combo Therapy

  • Combo Therapy is totally confidential
  • Combo Therapy’s approach is both emphatic and sensitive in relation to all issues
  • Combo Therapy is very powerful in identifying and dissolving all issues, problems, or emotions
  • Combo Therapy is fast and effective with most issues being resolved in just one session
  • Combo Therapy cares about you and takes pride in restoring peace of mind and well-being to all of their clients.

What Our Client’s Say

I tried for two weeks to reconnect with the emotions and feelings that you stopped and I couldn’t connect. They are all gone. I can’t believe it, thank you so very much”
V. Limerick
“I made decisions all my life based on those emotions and now they are gone. I can’t believe it”
M. Limerick
“I am so happy that those emotions and feelings are gone. They made me so angry and upset. I feel so much better. Thank you so very much”
M. Co. Tipperary
” I feel great, I cant find any feeling or emotions when I think of those memories. They are gone”.
A. Co. Galway