brainEvery one of us will experience traumatic events in our lives, unfortunately, it is part of living. These traumatic experiences can impact negatively on our mental state of health.  The memories attached to our traumatic experience may be accompanied by unwanted negative emotions and feelings, that still impact greatly on us today, whenever they are activated or triggered.

These unwanted emotions and feelings are part of ‘Life’s Baggage’ that we drag along after us on a daily basis. Such traumatic experiences can also lead to other negative states of mental health ,such as anxiety, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour Disorder, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME), Depression, Fears etc.

Experts maintain that we can spend as much as 80% of our energy dealing with these unwanted negative emotions, feelings and conditions.

Well, in honor of “World Mental Health Day” this October why not treat yourself to a SERVICING OF YOUR MIND.  Why not take the time out to treat yourself? You look after everyone else; you even take time to service your car. Well then why not take the time to look after your own state of mental health. You owe it to yourself.

Servicing your mind, improves your mental health. You will release all of those unwanted emotions and feelings attached to the traumatic experience you had since the day you were born. Service your mental health now and release all those unwanted emotions, feelings, anxieties, OCD’s, anger outbursts, haunting & disturbing memories, and greatly improve your mental state of health. This servicing of your mind will also have a positive knock on effect on your physical health as you will have more energy to use on yourself.

Experts maintain we use up to 80% of our energy on ‘Life’s baggage’ that we drag with us through life. It’s time to release that baggage and spend your energy for yourself and not on the past.

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ZKarz ZCosgrave How this works was explained to me,but as with a lot of things it went straight over my head. What I do know is that after ONE SESSION it DOES WORK 💯 %. Just from my own experience I would urge anyone who is thinking of trying it ,to please do so.👍