By John O’ Reilly RC Hyp, Dip Hyp, BA., MSc. 18th June 2016

Fibromyalgia is associated with widespread pain, fatigue and stiffness.  It is a collection of problems that appear to occur together, however which have not been associated to date with any specific identifiable cause or problem.

Fibromyalgia is identified by widespread pain, aching, stiffness and fatigue which varies during the day and can get worse with activity.

Fibromyalgia can be accompanied by anxiety and depression.

There are numerous theories as to what causes Fibromyalgia with no clear indicator. Theories believe it can be caused though a single event or a combination of many emotional or physical stressors. Other theories relate the cause to traumatic experiences.

Studies have shown that fibromyalgia is far more common in women than men.


Fibromyalgia Symptoms and Associated Incidents

Pain Trauma
Fatigue Accidents
Lack of Energy Relationship Difficulties
Muscular Contractions or Tensions Victims of Criminal Acts
Impaired Cognitive Ability Anxiety
Anxiousness / Nervous Sensations Depression
Depression Death
Migraine Fears
Others Others


Research and Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

Research of 45 patients suffering from Fibromyalgia indicated

  • Symptoms – Deep Muscle Pain / Painful Tender Points
    • Research found that suffers of Pain were 93%
  • Symptoms of Fatigue – sleep problems
    • Research found that suffers of Fatigue were 93%
    • Research found that suffers of Fatigue upon exertion were 98%
  • Symptom of Anxiety – not included in research
  • Symptom of Fibro Fog –
    • Research found that suffers of Cognitive Impairment were 96%
  • Symptom of Tingling / sensations in hands / arms / feet and legs (Cycles of Fibromyalgia) – not included in research but could be covered by pain results
  • Symptoms of Impairment of daily living activities (ALDs)
    • Research found that suffers of Weakness were 98%
    • Research found that suffers of Impaired Balance were 80%
    • Research found that suffers of Clumsiness were71%
    • Research found that suffers of Numbness were 73%
    • Research found that suffers of Dizziness were 62%
    • Research found that suffers of Headache were 89%


Neurologist Anne Louise Oaklander[1] at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston USA indicated that fibromyalgia is associated with trauma or Stressful events

  • She indicated that the symptoms of Fibromyalgia are similar to both
    • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    • Gulf War Syndrome

Oaklander published two studies showing that half or more of the cases of fibromyalgia are really a little-known condition affecting the nerves. People who suffer with this small-fiber neuropathy get faulty signals from tiny nerves all over the body, including internal organs, causing an odd constellation of symptoms from pain to sleep and digestive problems that overlap with symptoms of fibromyalgia.


Neuroscientist Frank Rice[2] president and chief scientist at Integrated Tissue Dynamics LLC, a biotechnology research company in Rensselaer, N.Y. and a team based at Albany Medical College  discovered that there are excessive nerve fibers lining the blood vessels of the skin of fibromyalgia patients — removing any doubt that the condition is physically real.

These fibers in the skin can sense blood flow and control the dilation and constriction of vessels to regulate body temperature, as well as directing nutrients to muscles during exercise. Women have more of these fibers than men, he says, perhaps explaining why they are much more likely to get fibromyalgia.

Rice  also indicated that scans of patients with fibromyalgia have revealed brain changes associated with pain, but the new research suggests these are a symptom rather than the cause of the condition.

Combo Therapy[3] research into the psychological effects of trauma on behaviour has come at the symptoms of fibromyalgia from a different perspective, the cycles of fibromyalgia identified by a new interview technique developed by combo therapy are very similar to those of cycles of anxiety.

In additions Combo Therapy’s preliminary research has found an association of the commencement of the symptoms of fibromyalgia with a traumatic event in the suffers life, while bearing in mind the principle “that it is not the event that counts but how one view it”.

Combo Therapy has developed a new technique to stop cycles of anxiety completely and this technique also works on the pain and muscle sensations associated with fibromyalgia.

Combo Therapy also addresses any trauma issues that the client may have experienced in their life without the client having to relive or provide details of the trauma to the therapist. Combo Therapy dissolves away the emotions and feelings associated with the traumatic memories leaving the client free to move on with their lives.


What Combo Therapy does for the symptoms of fibromyalgia

  • Anxiety – We Identify Cycles of Anxiety and turn them off
  • Pain – We Identify Cycles of Fibromyalgia’s Pain and turn them off
  • Depression – Depression is a combination of emotions which are identify and address one by one.
  • Fatigue – Reduced / Eliminated as it is associated with cycles of Fibromyalgia / Anxiety
  • Feelings of exhaustion no matter how much sleep is obtained – provision of sleep anchor – and relief from dealing with cycles associated with Fibromyalgia / Anxiety
  • Fibro Fog – Eliminated along with fibromyalgia / anxiety cycles
  • Tingling / sensations in hands / arms / feet and legs (Turned off with Cycles of Fibromyalgia / anxiety cycles)
  • Weakness – addressed by dissolving cycles of fibromyalgia / anxiety
  • Lack of Energy – addressed by dissolving cycles of fibromyalgia / anxiety
  • Digestive Issues – addressed by dissolving cycles of fibromyalgia / anxiety
  • Immune Disorders – addressed by dissolving cycles of fibromyalgia / anxiety
  • Impaired Balance – addressed by dissolving cycles of fibromyalgia / anxiety
  • Clumsiness – addressed by dissolving cycles of fibromyalgia / anxiety
  • Numbness – addressed by dissolving cycles of fibromyalgia / anxiety
  • Dizziness – addressed by dissolving cycles of fibromyalgia / anxiety
  • Headache – Migraine – Relief with meditation and emotional freedom technique taught by Combo Therapy


Fibromyalgia Symptoms treatments – Drugs – V – Combo Therapy Techniques

The National Fibromyalgia Research Association have listed 38 different medications [4]used for the treatment of symptoms of Fibromyalgia. The following table lists the Symptoms of fibromyalgia that these drugs are designed to treat -v- the treatment offered by Combo Therapy

Symptoms treated by38 different types of Drugs % of 38 Drugs used to treat Symptoms of Fibromyalgia Combo Therapy Treatments Results –    Non Invasive or Medicated
Anxiety 16 Combo Therapy stops Anxiety Attacks
Depression 29 Combo Therapy deals with the symptoms of depression
Sleep 39 Combo Therapy assists clients sleep
Pain 42 Combo Therapy stops the cycles of pain associated with Fibromyalgia
Fatigue 16 Combo Therapy assists sleep and reduces fatigue (Barley Grass – increases energy and reduces fatigue
Fibro Fog 5 Combo Therapy stops anxiety and thus eliminates Fibro Fog
Muscle Relaxant 13 Combo Therapy induces state of relaxation
RLS (Restless Legs Syndrome 8 Combo Therapy uses techniques to identify cycles of sensations, relaxation techniques and parts therapy techniques to assist with this issue
Nausea 3 Combo Therapy deals with anxiety which may contribute to feelings of nausea
Hypotension 3 Combo Therapy uses parts therapy in conjunction with prescribed medication for hypotension
Growth Hormone to exercise 3 Combo Therapy and Barley Grass Juice increases energy within the body thus helping with exercise and motivation
Migraine 5 Combo Therapy, meditation and Emotional Freedom Technique can assist with migraines


Following Combo Therapy Treatments – What can you expect?

  • Reduction / Elimination of Pain Associated with your fibromyalgia
  • Reduction / Elimination of feelings of Fatigue associated with your Fibromyalgia
  • Increased energy levels
  • Reduction / Elimination of Muscular contraction or tension associated with your Fibromyalgia
  • Elimination of Impaired Cognitive ability associated with your fibromyalgia
  • Elimination of feelings of Anxious / nervous sensations associated with your fibromyalgia
  • Identification and reduction / elimination of your symptoms of Depression
  • Reduction in Migraine and techniques to assist further reduction of migraines
  • Increased levels in your immune and digestive systems


CASE STUDY – Female in her fifties, suffered from severe symptoms of Fibromyalgia for years. She could find no relief no matter what she tired. Following a number of sessions of Combo Therapy, she estimated that her condition was 50% healed following her treatments while her husband estimated her healing effects as being closer to 90%.

Upon checking with this lady 12 months later she had forgotten completely that she used to suffer from pains. They had been completely dissolved by Combo Therapy techniques. While her migraines were reduced, she still suffered from them.

Combo Therapy techniques identified in excess of 170 different cycles of pains associated with her Fibromyalgia. These pain cycles were dissolved away to the extent that she had even forgotten that she suffered from them.


GOOD NEWS – Combo Therapy’s Research into the treatment of Fibromyalgia has achieved excellent results. Let Combo Therapy provide you with healing and relief that you have being waiting for so long.

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