By John O’ Reilly RC Hyp, Dip Hyp, BA., MSc.

During our lives we soak up negative emotional baggage as a result of stress, trauma, abuse, fear, intimidation, bullying, incidents, accidents, arguments etc. We tend to drag this emotional baggage with us throughout our lives. It drains us of energy, raise our anxieties and stress levels, causing a reduction in our immune systems and gives rise to both physical and mental health issues.

We take time to look after our homes and service our cars, and we continuously looking after others; but we rarely take time to look after ourselves. In order to look after others, we first need to be able to look after ourselves.  By looking after yourself first, you will be in a better position to help and look after others. You deserve this opportunity to take the time to look after yourself. You have earned it.

Combo Therapy offers you an unique opportunity to release all the baggage that life experiences loads upon you, no matter what your experience is and how you may feel that you have dealt with past issues, there is always residue from past negative experiences lingering in your subconscious. Combo therapy will release all emotions and feelings associated with past traumatic memories and free you of all associated anxieties, fears  and unwanted behaviours.  Simple see the for the services offered.