What is Combo Therapy?

In simple terms Combo Therapy provides a fine tuning and valeting service of your mind, body and spirit as ‘not all wounds can be seen’.

Combo Therapy has been developed as a result of 10 years of research into the psychological effects of trauma on behaviour, together with 34 years of dealing with people’s traumatic experiences. Combo Therapy has been designed using a combination of positive aspects from motivational enhancement therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, bereavement therapy, hypnotherapy, interviewing techniques, emotional freedom techniques, development of meaningful communication techniques, together with vast amount of research in to the psychological effects of trauma on behaviour.

Combo Therapy is unique and highly successful in dealing with an array of issues in just one session. Combo Therapy doesn’t just treat one issue, it’s new approach identifies and rectifies all of the problematic issues affecting a person life during a session. It restores the bodies balance, while giving back control and enriching it’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Combo Therapy induces an altered state of consciousness, where the client experiences a very relaxed and highly focused state at the same time.  This altered state of consciousness is similar to how one would feel when engrossed in watching a movie or reading a book and not hearing somebody talking to them. We enter altered states of consciousness on a daily basis such as when we daydream; automatically engage in driving behaviour; perform regular work process or patterns; or carryout parenting behaviour etc.

Combo Therapy provides a means of working with a person’ subconscious mind’ in order to release all negative emotions, feelings, cycles and baggage that has been accumulated throughout their lives.

Combo Therapy has been designed to identify and removes all cycles of anxieties, panic attacks, social anxieties, chronic fatigue syndrome, lack of confidence, effects of bullying, lack of concentration, learning difficulties, dyslexia, anger outbursts, fears, phobias, thus allowing one to move on with their lives with increased physical and mental health wellbeing. It alters unwanted attitudes, sensations, perceptions and cognition so as to form new desired habitual responses or behaviour.

Combo Therapy releases all traumatic emotions and feeling from memories of sexual abuse, physical abuse, other traumatic experiences, accidents, or incidents thus enabling the client to look back at those memories, as if they were looking back at history, i.e. without experiencing any emotional or feelings connection with the memories.  This powerful technique has the capabilities of removing all emotions and feelings from such traumatic events in just one session.

An added advantage in cases of abuse is that this technique does require the person to disclose any details of their traumatic experience. All that is required is that the client recalls the memory in the privacy of their own mind.

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