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Profile of a woman suffering head ache at home   Chronic Fatigue

What is Combo Therapy?

In simple terms Combo Therapy provides a fine tuning and valeting service of your mind and body .

Combo Therapy is unique and highly successful new technique developed to deal with an array of issues in just one session.

Combo Therapy doesn’t just treat one issue, it’s new approach, identifies and rectifies all of the problematic areas and issues affecting a person life and brings healing and peace of mind to the client.

Combo Therapy restores the bodies balance, while giving it back control and enriching both  it’s physical and mental well-being.


Why do we Need Help?

During our lives we tend to soak up negative emotional baggage as a result of our experiences of stress, trauma, abuse, fear, intimidation, bullying, , accidents, arguments or other incidents etc.

We tend to drag this baggage with us throughout our lives, which drains us of our energy, raise our anxieties, stress levels, causes a reduction in the functioning of our immune systems and it  can also gives rise to both physical and mental health issues.

Combo Therapy helps to release this unwanted  baggage and restores your physical and mental health and well-being.

John O’ Reilly, Therapist

  • Possesses the following qualifications
  • Practitioner Diploma in Clinical & Therapeutic Hypnosis
  • Masters in Science in Child Protection & Welfare
  • Bachelor of Arts in Management
  • Diploma in Child Psychology, and Forensic Psychology
  • Researcher into the Psychological effects of trauma on behaviour
  • A published author on new interview techniques that assists victims of traumatic experiences break their silence and accept help


Contact John on (086)3338886 or e-mail combotherapy@gmail.com           

Let us help you change your unwanted behaviours

” I can’t believe how this works so fast. You should be doing this everywhere, it’s amazing. Thank you so much”
MC Tipperary


Combo Therapy’s approach to case history and discussions surrounding personal issues are professional and are approached using empathy and sensitivity while building rapport.


Confidentiality is guaranteed.

There is no need to be embarrassed or feel uneasy.

No matter what is concerning you, we have heard and assisted with similar  issues before.


Combo Therapy is a Center of Excellence

 Combo Therapy is Non Judgmental


Combo Therapy  is a  center of excellence in assisting people heal and rid themselves of unwanted stressors, habits, addictions, thought patterns and behaviours’ through a combination of therapies carefully researched and designed to heal both body & mind.